It's logical, really: Marry the biggest Vegas icon with the biggest producer of Vegas shows. It's Elvis Presley meets Cirque du Soleil, and we're actually a little surprised it took this long. Unlike the underwhelming Love, which is more Beatles and not enough Cirque, this production is a solid partnership that takes the King's music, life, and legacy and reinterprets them through the Cirque lens with multimedia displays, bit set pieces, dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, aerialists, and more than a few Elvis impersonators. Viva Elvis is by far the most accessible and downright fun of the Cirque shows, and it is Presley's music that keeps propelling it forward whether it's a gospel rave-up version of "All Shook Up" or a rumba remix of "It's Now or Never." Highlights include an Alicia Keys-esque singer/pianist doing "One Night With You" while twin aerialists representing Elvis and his twin Jesse (who died during childbirth) swing on a giant guitar above the stage and a thrilling lyrical dance number to "Caught in a Trap" meant to symbolize the end of Elvis' relationship with Priscilla. There are a few stumbles -- we don't need the Colonel Tom Parker narration -- but overall it is an entertaining, and at times downright joyous, way to celebrate the King being back in the building.