The Fremont Street Experience is a five-block, open-air, landscaped strip of outdoor snack shops, vendor carts, and colorful kiosks purveying food and merchandise. Overhead is a 90-foot-high steel-mesh “celestial vault” that at night becomes Viva Vision, a high-tech video-and-sound show (the canopy is equipped with more than 12.5 million lights), enhanced by a concert hall–quality sound system. There are a number of different shows, and there’s music between the light performances as well. It’s really cool, in that Vegas over-the-top way that we love so much. The addition of several hotel bars open to the pedestrian street has upped the “party” quotient, and frequent concerts and events have made it even more popular than ever. Oh, and look up to see people zooming by on a zip line! It’s a great place where you can stroll, eat, or even dance to the music under the lights.