This is not just a kids' game arcade anymore. Need proof? They have a happy hour with half-priced well drinks, house wine, and domestic beer weekdays from 3 to 7pm. Presumably young Billy is not allowed to participate in between races on Sega Rally 3. Beer notwithstanding, the basic concept is still the same -- a big arcade with lots of video, 3-D, and carnival-style games. The best way to go is to do the time-based buy-ins: $20 for 1 hour, $25 for 2 hours, $30 for 3 hours, or an all-day pass for $35. Note: If you don't like crowds, come here earlier rather than later, when it can get packed. There is a dress code (no excessively baggy clothes, no tattoos or clothing with profanity, no chains, and so on) that is enforced occasionally, and no one under 18 is allowed without parental supervision after 9pm.