With the proliferation of dance shows on TV it's actually surprising that it took so long for a pure, dance-centric show to hit the Las Vegas Strip. Now that JabbaWockeeZ has arrived, there is no looking back.

The hip-hop dance group gained fame by winning MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, based partly on the strength of their choreography and partly on their gimmick: all of the dancers are covered from head-to-toe, including smooth white face masks. They say it allows viewers to focus on the group as a whole instead of the personalities or looks of any particular dancer, but who cares really when they are this good at what they do. The show is basically a series of hip-hop dance numbers wrapped up in a sometimes overly dramatic "dance can answer the mysteries of life" staging. Their precision moves are astounding and at times thrilling, especially when they do their own interpretation of the greatest hits of dance, from an updated version of Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain to '80s Run DMC rap video-style booty shaking. The show is original, innovative, and unlike anything else in Vegas. We're glad they decided to come off the TV and into the showrooms.

Note: This show may move to another hotel or may close altogether. Check the JabbaWockeeZ website for updates.