Madame T’s has outposts in nearly every major tourist city, and for two centuries it has been the best (borderline creepy) way to get close to celebrities. The figures themselves are quite impressive, both for their meticulous attention to detail and the eerie way they (often) reflect the personalities of their subjects.

The Vegas-specific exhibits are the star attractions, from the bedazzled, stuck-in-time Liberace to the “Hangover Experience” with Bradley Cooper (that stubble is so perfect) and Zach Galifinakis, complete with his man-satchel. You may have heard of the questionable poses visitors were holding with singer Nicki Minaj, one the most recent additions; not Vegas-specific, but hey, it fits in. Sadly, the tuxedo-clad George Clooney, who visitors used to be able to “marry,” has been replaced with a boring, regular, suit-wearing, already-married Clooney. In homage to the popularity of electronic dance music in Las Vegas, the A-list-heavy Club Tussauds exhibit recently unveiled the likeness of cake-throwing DJ Steve Aoki, and no, you can't throw cake at him.