And you thought only children’s museums could be interactive. Arguably the most fun museum in Las Vegas, this is 10,000 square feet of hands-on entertainment and history for a bargain. A nice departure from the slot machines in casinos, there are more than 150 pinball machines lined up wall-to-wall for visitors to play. Some of them go as far back as the 1940s and are still fully operational (though with the older ones you may need a lighter touch) and are maintained on a daily basis. The games are actual works of art in themselves. Consider Elton John’s costumes on the 1975 Captain Fantastic machine, or the campy cartoons of the Star Trek machine from 1979. You can even nerd-out on the non-pinball games, like when you sit in the cabin for the Star Trek arcade game direct from the ’80s. You still have to pop in a quarter to play (two if the game is from 1990 or after), but it’s money well spent, as proceeds go towards maintenance of the machines and to charity. In a modern twist, scan the QR bar code found on many of the machines with your smartphone to learn more about these old school relics.