That’s Shelby as in Carroll Shelby, who in the 1960s helped shape the American muscle car as we know it. Now that the museum has moved from its original location near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to across from Town Square on Las Vegas Boulevard, gear heads don’t have to go as far to get their Shelby fix. On display is the first Cobra roadster CSX2000 that Shelby ever built, along with cherry Mustangs and the Shelby Series 1 prototype, and about 20 more rides, all with spiffy racing stripes. The space also features the modification shop where fast cars become even faster, but you can’t get near those. The guided tour takes about 90 minutes and is comprehensive, complete with anecdotes and a complete history of Shelby and his craft. Admission and tours are free, but consider donating to the Carroll Shelby Foundation, dedicated to organ transplant education, as Shelby was a heart transplant recipient in 1990.