The if bigger is better, then biggest is best ethos that Las Vegas loves so much continues here with the world’s tallest observation wheel. Standing at nearly 550 feet high, the massive structure has fundamentally changed the skyline and provides some of the best views of the Strip (and much of southern Nevada). The wheel has 28 fully enclosed, air-conditioned cabs, each capable of holding up to 40 people, although if you get stuck in one that full you will need to fight your way to good snapshot-worthy window space. One full revolution takes about 30 minutes, so it’s less of a thrill ride than a leisurely, albeit really high, walk in the park. Even those with height phobias may find this tolerable. Go at night for the best photo opportunities of the city in its fully lit-up glory—it’s worth the extra few bucks you have to pay for the privilege. Or practice your sun salutations even closer to the sun at yoga classes three times as week in one of the spaciou pods. A professional instructor leads you via wireless headphones through an hour of personalized poses and meditations. You'll be ready to face the Strip again in no time.

Prices are high for this relatively short experience—a pass to the top of the even-taller Stratosphere Tower (see below) is significantly less expensive for a similar rotating experience. The good news is that they not only allow drinks on board, they practically encourage it, with a bar on your way to the boarding area, or if you’re willing to pony up a bit more, a cabin with an open bar. Of course, there are no bathrooms on the ride, so drink at your own peril. Note that lines can be long during peak periods, both to get tickets and to queue up for the cabs, so it’s best to buy online beforehand and budget some extra time for standing in line.