Although there are plenty of Mafia artifacts on display (Bugsy's Packard, Lucky's desk, and so on), this is much more than just a dry museum chronicling the rise and fall of the mob in Vegas. It's a high-tech, 27,000 square-foot immersive experience that assigns you a character name (Lupo the Wolf and Bananas were ours) and takes you on a tour through Vegas's wise guy past, complete with live actors you have to interact with -- "take this envelop and deliver it to Big Leo!" Your guides are filmed and hologram versions of famous faces such as James Caan (Sonny Corleone himself!), Mickey Rourke, and various actors from The Sopranos, and they lead you from the back alleys of New York to the back rooms of Vegas casinos from the mob's Sin City glory days, complete with touch-screen displays and cool touches like plungers you can depress to start videos of hotel implosions. The decisions you make as your character help determine your fate at the end where you may be "made," arrested, or "whacked" (complete with hidden air canons to simulate the gunfire). The prerequisite gift shop offers up everything from T-shirts to brass knuckles. Admission is steep, but it is a lot of fun if you can get into the spirit of things.