It’s too easy to say “you’ve seen the movie, now see the exhibit.” But that is sort of the case; if you were captivated by the Oscar-winning epic, you will definitely want to take in this exhibit on the unsinkable luxury liner that sank on its maiden voyage. While it’s a can’t-miss for buffs, it might still be of some interest for those with only marginal feelings about the massive 1912 disaster. It’s a strangely somber subject for Vegas, featuring displays explaining the ship’s ill-fated maiden voyage; relics salvaged from the sunken liner; and even re-creations of sample cabins from first, second, and third class, including atmospheric conditions, giving one a sense of how it felt to travel aboard what was an incredible vessel. There is even a large chunk of real ice standing in for the culprit berg. If you want to pack in Bodies, also at Luxor, you can purchase a combo pass for $42 for both exhibits at the box office.