For visitors seeking to achieve a certain level of “cool,” the Hard Rock is the place. The off-Strip hotel advertises itself as the place where celebrities party when they’re in town (and to be fair, sometimes they do), selling the notion that if you stay here, you’ll be as groovy as the stars whose memorabilia decorates the casino floor and walls, or maybe even a . . . Kardashian? They’re still cool, right?

Even if you haven’t had your 15 minutes of fame, the rooms will make you feel like a big shot. Original Casino Tower rooms boast ultramodern furnishings, a steely color palette, and French doors that fully open onto a railing, but no balcony (just don’t channel your inner Keith Richards and throw anything out the window). Paradise Tower rooms run slightly larger and are warmer in color, but have the same amenities, including fully stocked mini-bars, 40-inch TVs, and extra-large showers. The newest, HRH Tower features all suites, but goes with clean white all around, from the linen and furnishings to the TV hutch that separates the sleeping and living rooms. Open-minded guests might be interested in the fetish-themed Provocateur Penthouse, enhanced with furniture custom made for more risqué activities.

Notorious weekend pool party Rehab is now more than 10 years old and just as debauched as ever, with plenty of hard, barely-clad bodies jamming themselves into the pool for all-day booze and DJ-fueled revelry. If you’re in your early 20s and are trying to spend your entire Vegas trip drunk and wet, you’ll be at Rehab. That’s not to say if you fall outside of that demographic, you’ll have a bad time. The Joint welcomes huge-named rock acts, and the nightclubs are a steady stream of hip hop and EDM acts each weekend. There are enough levels of cool that everyone can leave feeling like they’re a rock star.

Plus there’s a tattoo shop, so yeah, it’s that kind of place (or trying to be).