Why is this place called “The D”? Well, it’s a nod to Detroit, the hometown of the property owners; or it could reference to the nickname of CEO Derek Stevens. Final guess: an homage to the neighborhood of Downtown Las Vegas. Nah, scratch that. With all the Detroit references, this may well be the only hotel in the United States, outside of Detroit itself, that uses Motor City as its inspiration. (Non-Detroit related, but just as quirky, a large-scale, bronze replica of Brussels’ Mannekin Pis statue also greets guests outside the main valet, an homage to the Stevens’ Belgian roots.)

And you know what? That downright-weird homage works. The two-level casino floor is far more airy than when it had its Irish theme (under the old management). The 638 rooms all got a nice refresher too, with bold red and black accents throughout.They’re not the fanciest hotel rooms you’ll find in town, but for Downtown, and for the price, these are veritable sanctuaries.

The aptly named Longbar—the longest bar in Nevada, naturally—is one of the few bars left in Vegas where flair bartenders whip bottles about their heads before they make you a drink. Detroit exports American Coney Island (open 24 hr., like the original) and Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Steakhouse make The D a favorite stop for Motor City natives, but both are tasty enough to warrant a trip even if you’ve never been there.

Final fun (or perhaps odd fact): The D is one of two hotels in town (the other is Golden Gate, see below) to accept crypto-currency Bitcoin as payment at its front desk, restaurants and retail shop.