Like the supposedly hallucinatory drink it is named after, this Cirque du Soleil–style revue may leave you reeling. But, boy, will that hangover be worth it. The show is performed in the round in a small tent-like structure in front of Caesars Palace, with a tiny circular stage and only a few rows of seating. That means all of the “death-defying stunts”—acrobats, trapeze artists, high-wire walkers, and even high-speed roller skaters will be just feet—and in some cases, inches—from your face. Adding to the thrills are the raunchy host, The Gazillionaire, and his faithfully dimwitted sidekick assistant, who introduce the acts with a dirty glee and X-rated humor that will leave you laughing so hard you’ll forget to be offended or shocked. Sidekick Joy Jenkins’ hilarious, jaw-dropping potty-mouthed rant is worth the price of admission alone. The cast rotates so the show differs from performance to performance. Definitely not for kids or prudes! Shows are nightly at 8 and 10pm.