At more than 60,000 square feet and containing three different party atmospheres within, the mega club at Cosmopolitan is here to say: size matters. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Vegas club: massive main floor, huge LED wall behind the DJ booth that projects an amazing laser show while internationally renowned house DJs play, and lots of low booths to be sold to the highest bidder for bottle service. The main room can be overwhelming, especially when people are wall-to-wall and it’s six deep even to get a drink. Hole up in the Library, the more exclusive lounge, where the music is more chill, there are pool tables, and you can actually pull a seat up to the bar. Need a break from all the EDM? The hip-hop and pop-driven soundtrack in the intimate Boombox will clear your head from all those synths. There’s also an outdoor patio with cabana seating (where tables will run cheaper than inside the main club) and gaming if you can’t stay away from the slots too long. The line to enter will snake across the second floor of the Cosmopolitan, so unless you’ve got a table, be prepared to wait for a long time. Marquee is open Monday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:30pm until 5am. The pool club is open seasonally on weekend afternoons.