Even if you have no idea what kind of food Aureole serves, you definitely know about its wine tower. The four-story, gleaming glass and steel structure in the middle of the main dining room not only houses one of the best wine collections in the city, but also has an added bonus of stunning “Wine Angels” who gracefully rappel up and down the wine racks on wires to secure your bottle of wine from the 50,000 available. They’ve ditched their black Mission Impossible-style catsuits in favor of sparkly, red and muted-orange numbers, but don’t worry, they’re just as form fitting as the previous uniforms. After witnessing this very Vegas spectacle, you get to enjoy one of the city’s great fine dining experiences. The seasonal menu focuses on American, responsibly sourced ingredients treated with the most delicate of touches. Mainstays include beef cheek ravioli or lamb loin with merguez and vegetables, but there are more whimsical notes such as lionfish ceviché and turkey meatballs with Gruyere cheese and jamon Iberico.  The best seats in the house are by the Swan Court, where you can observe the resident paired swans through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Though Chef Charlie Palmer only stops in every once in a while, his kitchen, run by chef John Church, is as exacting as it would be if Palmer were running service himself.