Now, understand that we don’t send you out to nether regions such as Texas Station lightly. We do so here because, improbably, Austins Steakhouse has gained a reputation for serving what many consider to be the best steaks in town. Really. Even the snooty critics at the Las Vegas Review-Journal agree with the hubbub about this place. The filet is not only so tender and juicy that you can literally cut it with a fork, but it is one of the few filets in town that doesn’t require some sort of accompaniment to make it interesting—it does that on its own in a smoky, woodhouse kind of way. The bone-in rib-eye is Texas epic, and the prime rib (which you can often get on special) competes with the gold standard Lawry’s for best in class. The already-reasonable prices are even more so when the soup or salad and side vegetable that is included is factored in. A comparable meal on the Strip would cost $20 to $30 more per person and often not be as good.