One thing you need to know about Bavette's: it's dark. Coming straight from the slot machines of the Park MGM casino floor into the library-esque foyer of the steakhouse, your eyes need to adjust. This is by design, in homage to the original Chicago flagship where legend has it the power went out one night during their first year, and service went on by candlelight. But once your night vision kicks in, you're able to see the grand dining room which evokes the quintessential Chicago steakhouse, with lots of rich, dark woods and red banquettes hugging the booths. Prime-grade beef is all prepared to the standard you'd expect from either a Chicago or Las Vegas steakhouse, and all steaks are served with bearnaise sauce. I'm a fan of the candied sweet potato, topped with a bruleed bourbon glaze for a little extra crunch. The centerpiece brass rail bar is a seductive spot for a drink, but the real insiders know that the place to be is way in the back, past the dining room. The secluded bar offers the full menu, but with its low-slung, intimate seating and vintage artwork adorning the walls, this has more of a "let's retire to the drawing room" atmosphere. It's an ideal spot for a nightcap, or even simply make a night out of it and sample your way through their excellent martinis.