This is one of the most expensive buffets in town, but it was also the first to elevate the buffet experience by focusing on high-quality dishes and ingredients. The raw bar is a great place to start, with oysters, cocktail shrimp, crab legs, and smoked salmon, and while normally we eschew pizzas at buffets (we can get that at home!), their wood-fired oven works magic. Champagne brunch is one of the most popular meals here, but I prefer the Friday and Saturday dinner service, which includes caviar with all the proper accoutrement. High rollers may want to ante up for the so-called Chef’s Table, where you and at least eight of your friends bypass the entire line, and have a seat at a dedicated table near the buffet. Chefs come over, greet you, and pass hors d’oeuvres, before wheeling over carts to present meats like prime rib and chops, as well as desserts. You are, of course, also welcome to eat from the buffet itself. At nearly $70 higher than the regular dinner prices, you’re paying for the privilege, but we think it’s almost worth the awkward “who is that?” stares that come from the regular guests.