Roy Choi gave us the world’s first Korean barbecue tacos, and for that I would gladly call him my best friend. This Korean and Mexican mash-up is a product of his Los Angeles upbringing, where he built his culinary fortune on wares from his taco trucks. Here Choi showcases his greatest hits, fused with some Las Vegas style. The entry to the restaurant is modeled after a corner liquor store, with lots of neon and hip-hop posters—except here you’re welcome to hang out at the bar, or pick up an adult slushie. But come back later with a reservation, and through the back of the bodega is the promised land. There’s a nostalgic ‘90s vibe to the 9,000-square-foot space, with servers donning Adidas tracksuits; a hip-hop soundtrack is provided by live DJs. The eclectic menu includes Choi’s humble Kogi short rib tacos, and there are playful L.A.-inspired bites like elotes (a street corn treat) slathered with Japanese Kewpie mayo. But Choi knows that in Las Vegas, you gotta go big. Dynamite uni fried rice is that ideal mix of Sin City opulence with comfort food, and as for tostadas extravagantly topped with caviar? Sure, why not? Shared pots of Korean classics like the pork belly–filled kimchi jjigae stew evoke a classic sentiment: Your best friend should always feel like home.