If there were awards for most Instagrammalbe restaurant, Black Tap would take the cakeer, shake. From the graffiti-covered decor to the over-the-top shakes and burgers, it's all photogenic, and servers actively encourage guests to share their exeperience on their social medium of choice. This New York native first became known for its ridiculous, towering milkshakes and there's so much more than just sprinkles and a cherry on top. The cold concoctions are piled high with full-size cookies, candy, ice cream sandwiches... and why yes, that is a whole piece of cake atop the Birthday Cake Shake. The Brooklyn Blackout is as chocolicious as it sounds, topped with a whole chocolate brownie immersed in a glass whose rim is coated with chocolate chips. I loved pairing it with the crimini mushroom and Swiss-cheese lade Old Fashioned burger, an intimidating burger on its own. And the flamboyant shakes and burgers aren't just for show, they actually taste good too.