The Cosmopolitan collected some of the United States' hot spots and planted them together in a corner of the second floor. Neon lights and high barstools at counters build an Asian night market vibe, where you can eat and drink your way through the various stalls—a bao (steamed dumpling) here, a sake there—and make a night of it. Pok Pok Wing features the greatest hits from the original Portland Pok Pok restaurant, including the spicy papaya salad that goes so well with the famous Vietnamese fish sauce sticky, crispy sweet wings. The other Portland transplant is Lardo with its stacked sandwiches, like the Sancho grilled cheese with brisket burnt ends. From the South comes Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, best enjoyed in sandwich form, tossed in varying degrees of hot sauce. Be forewarned: “Shut the Cluck Up” left me literally speechless from the searing heat. Once you come to your senses, duck into the charming Ghost Donkey in the back, a cozy speakeasy that focuses on mezcal. Stake your claim early if you can; seats fill up fast and tend to stay occupied for the night.