Chef Chi Kwun Choi is not a household name like Emeril or Wolfgang, but his resume reads like a master class in the art of Chinese cuisine. He worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants in Hong Kong and, since coming to Vegas, has cooked at notable eateries like Pearl and Fin. His cuisine incorporates classic Chinese flavors into modern interpretations of the dishes. We know you’re hungry, but do not skip the appetizer section, with its deliciously doughy pot stickers or the interesting version of egg rolls with finely chopped vegetables instead of the shredded, indefinable goo you find in lesser restaurants. Then you can move on to the extensive main menu for meat (everything from Peking duck to lamb chops, but a big thumbs up for the pan-fried shredded beef tenderloin), hot pot, noodle, rice, and veggie dishes. Or you can forget all that and go directly for the two pages’ worth of seafood options, unbelievably fresh considering the fact that the restaurant is in the middle of a desert. Although there are plenty of options in the moderate price range, there are plenty more with eye-popping price tags—$60 for jumbo shrimp!?—so order carefully.