When Cosmo added two new Japanese-heavy restaurants to their portfolios (Zuma and Momofuku), it made sense that the former Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill should change its focus. Not that they didn't make great sushi, but Blue Ribbon has never been a one-trick pony. So the New York favorite went back to its bistro roots and re-emerged as Blue Ribbon Brasserie. While they were at it, they completely redesigned the restaurant, moving away from "modern Japanese" to "vintage cool." The new menu puts a lot of emphasis that put Blue Ribbon on the map, including bone marrow with oxtail jam, their famed fried chicken or the festive pu pu platter meant to share. If you're there for more of a late-night bite, steers towards the "bucket" of fried chicken wings served with wasabi honey, which offers their impressive fried chicken flavor, but in a smaller portion at about half the price. And if you really need a raw fish fix, you can still find sashimi and sushi on the menu.