Though he’s best known for Southwest flavors (like those at his Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace), Food Network old guard Bobby Flay decided to go the more pan-American route for his second restaurant in town. Though the menu at the walk-up counter is almost exclusively stuff that goes between two buns, he’s maintained his reputation for big, bold flavors in just about every version. Flay takes a regional approach to the burger, which you can build on standard beef, turkey, or chicken breast; offering varieties like the Philadelphia, which is a play on its native cheese steak, with grilled onions, provolone cheese, and hot peppers; and the Miami, served Cubano-style, pressed with ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles. He’s also a fan of putting potato chips in his sandwiches, like the Crunchburger with double American cheese and house-made chips. Shakes are fun, with out-of-the-ordinary flavors like pistachio and blueberry pomegranate, but you can’t beat the classic dark chocolate.