Sammy Hagar not only has his own brand of tequila, but a Mexican restaurant from which to serve it. Celebrity backer notwithstanding, Cabo Wabo has a fun party atmosphere that’s amplified when it spills out on the Strip-front patio. An offshoot of the original Cabo San Lucas location, it’s spring break year-round here, fueled, naturally, with margaritas laden with Hagar’s tequila, that can be slammed by the glass or by the pitcher. Watch out for the “Can’t Drive 55,” a mind-eraser with tequila, Sammy’s Beach Bar rum, vodka, gin, and a couple of mixers—you shouldn’t be driving anything after this. The menu features perfunctory Mexican fare. Though no one’s really expecting it to be Border Grill caliber, it does the job, with tacos, burritos, and enchiladas laying the base for a long night of drinking. The Red Rocker has a residence in Las Vegas, so chances are good you might actually run into him here.