There are a bunch of Mexican party bar/restaurants in Las Vegas these days, but this one is probably the most familiar owing to its multiple branches in Mexico and the U.S. The concept will also be familiar, with a bunch of wacky decor on the walls and ceilings (Is that a big plastic cow hanging over the bar? Of course it is) and a waitstaff forced to wear things like balloon hats. Ignore the silly and focus on the food, which comes in big, heaping mounds of traditional Mexican goodness. Look for anything marked as Charlie’s (quesadilla, tacos, burrito, and the like) because those are the ones with the special blends of multiple meats like chicken, chorizo, and pork. Meat: good. It’s all flavorful and filling and relatively affordable, which makes it all worth the forced zaniness that surrounds you. Bonus points for the outdoor patio overlooking the beautifully landscaped Flamingo pool.