The menu for this family-style Italian restaurant is plastered against the wall, and when you look at the prices—averaging $40 a pop for entrees—you will experience some sticker shock. But the blow is softened when you realized that each order is meant for at least four people (or two really gluttonous ones). With high ceilings and two stories, it feels like a banquet hall, but the servers have a knack for making you feel like you’re the only people there. The chicken wings Scarpariello-style, with hot and sweet peppers, are a great starter before you get into plate-sized veal scaloppini and enough pasta to feed an Italian army. Whether you’re in a big group or a four top (seriously, you want to go with at least three other people), these massive dishes still taste like they were made in a home kitchen. And there’s no shame in asking for a doggy bag.