Chef Kerry Simon built his culinary empire all over Vegas, starting at Hard Rock, then the Palms, and a few other spots here and there, but this is his crowning achievement. It’s a two-story, relaxed, neighborhood restaurant—something that restaurateurs all over the city are desperately trying to replicate—serving up contemporary, seasonal, and addictive, comfort food. A starter of crispy chicken skins—yes, just the skins—comes with a small dose of smoky honey, and you’ll eat them like potato chips. The “butter burger” is just as fun, served with creamy boursin and cheddar cheese, and yes, cooked in a healthy dose of butter. But don’t worry, the menu’s not all calorie bombs. One of the best dishes we’ve ever eaten was Carson Kitchen’s spicy ragu of rabbit, served with spaghetti squash—something that healthy should never be that delicious. The cocktail program includes thoughtful, multi-faceted drinks that run the gamut from clean and fruity to smoky and masculine. Grab a seat at the counter so you can watch the chefs in the open kitchen, and keep an eye on the “swear jar” to see how they’re doing.