As you might be able to tell from the name, this restaurant wants to be the cool kid on the block. And I gotta say: they succeed. The inside is a black box, with open ductwork running across the ceiling, intentionally mismatched furniture, and ornate chandeliers. There’s no set uniform for the servers, who wear what they like to work each day, which gets very confusing for patrons trying to get the check. Hipster aesthetic aside, CDO’s food is less confusing, even though the menu is diverse. Comfort food reigns supreme, starting with signature soft pretzels, served with a beer cheese dipping sauce, or the fragrant mussels in Stella Artois broth, served with grilled bread. The fried chicken is a specialty, and it’s made to order, which means it will come 20 minutes after the other food. It’s worth the wait: with a flaky buttermilk biscuit and a drizzle of honey, you’ll burn your fingers because you’ll want to eat it so fast. The outdoor patio seating is one of my favorite spots when it’s nice out, mainly because each section is set up like a living room, great for group lounging.