]Outside of Border Grill, Las Vegas doesn’t have that many great authentic Mexican restaurants, but the ones we do have are fun. Located Strip-side of Monte Carlo, Diablo’s open first floor and second floor balcony offer great people watching and solid taqueria fare: burritos, quesadillas and tacos, as well as a few north-of-the-border specialties like burgers and chicken wings. If you’re inclined to go full Diablo, there’s a chicken wing challenge: eat 20 of the buggers coated in habanero and ghost chili peppers, and you are placed on the Wall of Fame. On the less stomach-searing side are the chili verde enchiladas, with hunks of pork in a sauce of roasted green tomatillos. At night, the music gets louder and the margarita-fueled masses get rowdier, and the upstairs features live bands or a DJ.