Although it has all the trappings of a theme restaurant (hint: it’s not really a southern roadhouse somehow magically transported to the Las Vegas Strip), this one transcends the kitsch factor to stand on its own boot-clad feet as a place for great grub, great drinks, and some pretty spectacular people-watching opportunities. Located at the Monte Carlo, the entire front of the restaurant opens up to Las Vegas Boulevard so you can sit, enjoy a drink from any of the four bars, and watch the humanity stroll by. While doing so, enjoy down-home food such as a fried meatloaf appetizer served with bacon ketchup (yeah, it’s that kind of place), deviled eggs, shrimp and cheesy grits, slow-cooked BBQ ribs, burgers, and sandwiches, including the best grilled cheese in Vegas: multiple cheeses on Parmesan-crusted Texas toast, juicy tomato, and bacon. Fun desserts include a birthday cake—yes, an actual slice of cake with candles and everything. Great, friendly service, too.