It seems credulity-straining, but the sandwich was something that had to be invented, and thus someone got their simple yet ingenious idea named after them. At least, so the story goes, so sufficiently accepted as historical lore that it carries enough weight for the intrepid inventor’s descendant, the 11th Earl of Sandwich, to lend his name to a chain of sandwich shops. It’s a gimmick, but a good one, and so is the food. The eponymous, and largely excellent, sandwiches are served warm (wraps are cold) on bread made for the shop and include varieties such as grilled Swiss, blue, and brie with applewood-smoked bacon and roast beef with horseradish cream and cheddar cheese. There are also complex if unoriginal salads, smoothies, and breakfast sandwiches. Portions aren’t huge, but it’s not a problem if you are devoted to Vegas-size meals; the low prices make it possible to order two of everything if appetites demand. Note: There is a second location at The Palms Casino Resort, 4321 Flamingo Rd.