Those who have been to an actual fish market in Greece or Tokyo might be familiar with this sight as your server gives you a tour past the kitchen: varying species and sizes of fish and shellfish all waiting on ice to be plucked and cooked. Much like those markets, the fish here have only been out of the water about 24 hours, having been caught in the regional waters of the Mediterranean specifically for Milos before catching the first flight to Vegas. If words like lavraki, fagri, and barbouni are literally all Greek to you, your server will explain each fish—from where they came from, down to their flavor profiles. Pick the one that sounds good, and they’re grilled with nothing more than olive oil and a bit of lemon juice. If you have a non-seafood lover with you, there are options like grilled lamb chops and a filet mignon, both served with fried Greek potatoes. You’ll both be able to enjoy a starter of the Milos special: a pile of light, deep fried zucchini and eggplant so beautifully stacked you might not want to disturb its construction.

Dinner is insanely expensive here (flying fish in from the Mediterranean every day ain’t cheap!) but the lunch special is one of the best deals on the Strip, hands down. For $29, you can taste your way through three courses of Milos’ most popular dishes, with choices that include Greek mezze of various yogurt-based dips, whole-grilled Mediterranean sea bass, a side dish, and dessert.