We get it: All buffets should keep up with the Joneses, but is there a way to do this without making everything look and sound alike? Sigh. Millions have been spent to rid the Buffet at Excalibur of its former King Arthur-and-his-round-table theme, making way for a bright, open, cheery space with sleek lines, (sigh again) small plates, and global cuisine. Despite my personal aversion to the trend of small-plates dining, the upgrade to the food here is monumental, considering it’s still one of the cheapest buffets on the Strip. Best new dishes include interesting bites like pork chile verde, and garlic saffron butter mussels. Desserts are fun as well, with ice cream bars hand-dipped to order. The beverages are self-service, and there’s even a self-pay station in the front, in the event you’d like to have an entire meal with no contact with another human being. Want to save a few bucks? Opt for the all day, all-you-can-eat package where you can also visit MORE, The Buffet at Luxor for one low price.