A just-right synthesis of gourmet dining and fun dining, Fix looks, as one visitor described it, like a "giant clam opening up toward the casino." . Which is appropriate for this surf-and-turf joint, with such cheeky dishes as crab cake poppers and lobster tacos. Best are the steaks, which are grilled over cherrywood, giving the meat a smoky yet fruity flavor, reminding you that meat is supposed to have dimensions to its taste. For the less adventurous, there are burgers, flatbreads (think:pizza) and buffalo wings. All in all, a good compromise for a special occasion or just a treat of a meal: not so froufrou that basic eaters will be dismayed, not so simplistic that foodies will feel cheated, and not in the least bit stodgy or intimidating. Given the late hours and the origins, though, expect a lively and young crowd, especially as the night wears on.