You may be wondering why I’m sending you to Downtown Las Vegas for something that sounds as mundane as boiled chicken and rice. What if I were to tell you this was the best chicken and rice you’ll probably have in the United States? It’s not just chicken and rice, of course, but Hainanese chicken and rice, an Asian comfort food that sounds simple, but is far from easy to make and perfect when done correctly. Restaurants in Singapore have cult followings for this dish alone. Chef Sheridan Su, who cut his chops at Strip restaurants such as Joel Robuchon before striking out on his own (he also owns the fun Fat Choy in the Eureka casino), fell in love with the humble dish when he and his wife (who works behind the counter) were traveling in Asia, and decided to open a restaurant serving just that. Organic chicken is poached until cooked to the proper texture and temperature, and the broth is used to cook the fragrant rice. It’s served with traditional condiments all made in-house, like garlic, ginger and scallions minced in oil, sweet soy sauce and spicy sambal. Everyone doctors their chicken and rice in their own way, sometimes customizing it with every bite. The restaurant recently expanded to bigger digs and now has a full cocktail bar and other options such as Indonesian laksa and a fine steak, but it's still not uncommon for them to sell out of the chicken. It's that good.