Gordon Ramsay’s got a high-priced steakhouse, a more casual (but still pricey) pub, and then there’s Burger, his take on the classic American comfort food. It’s set in a Hell’s Kitchen-themed dining room, with lots of colorful booths and a wall of glass-enclosed fire near the front. The menus feature a glossy shot of Ramsay, arms crossed in the classic chef’s pose, ready to judge you as if he would on his show (be glad you’re not in the kitchen!). The menu comprises more than a dozen burgers, which run from the traditional, like the American, to the uber cheesy—topped with aged provolone, Dublin cheddar and boursin cheeses. The UK burger features a fun mix of Dublinar cheese, mango chutney and arugula; but we’re partial to the Hog Burger, with a patty made of sustainably raised Mangalitsa pork, topped with more sharp cheddar, apple chutney, and greens. Shakes are layered concoctions of multiple flavors, like brown butter pecan caramel or crème brulee. No matter what you think of Ramsay’s persona on TV, this is as fun as his food gets.