Even if his name wasn’t emblazoned (literally, with flames on the sign, much like the flames often found on his shirts) on the front of the restaurant, when dishes have names like Tatted-up turkey burger, and Dragon’s Breath Chili cheese fries, it’s obvious that this restaurant belongs to Food Network favorite Guy Fieri. He’s made his reputation out of showcasing outrageous dishes that fit his ebullient personality. While the food may sometimes feel overwrought (Does a burger really need bacon AND mac and cheese on it?), you can’t deny that some of his Franken-flavor combinations work. Like the Guy-talian fondue dippers, which are crunchy breadsticks wrapped with pepperoni, served with an awesome provolone and sausage dip; and fine, I'll admit the bacon mac-and-cheese burger is really freaking good. Fieri attended UNLV before he went on to build his celebrity chef empire, so he’s included a dish that was one of his staples when he was a poor college student: crispy, spiral-cut potatoes tossed Buffalo-style with hot sauce and topped with blue cheese. Fieri’s second Vegas restaurant, El Burro Burracho is at the Rio and features his take on Mexican fare, which means lots more flare but en Español.