All those bright, hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants you’ve been to? This is the complete opposite of them. Hakkasan’s first floor (above it is a dance club) is all about cutting-edge design: high ceilings and tall black lacquer lattices that evoke the feeling of walking in a maze. The meals are as pleasantly puzzling. While you’ll encounter familiar dishes like dim sum, Mongolian beef, and crispy chicken in lemon sauce, they’re elevated with elegant presentation and delicate flavors and ingredients (the prices are elevated in turn). The Peking duck, for example, is served with traditional accoutrement of thin crepes, scallion and cucumbers, but also with a healthy dose of reserve caviar. Less familiar Chinese dishes on the menu are aimed at the high-roller Asian clientele, but adventurous diners will find them exciting, as well.

Hakkasan first served its brand haute Chinese cuisine in London, where Chef Ho Chee Boon won a Michelin star before expanding the empire here and adding the nightclub that has become one of the MGM’s biggest draws.