If you’re going to actually pay for breakfast in town, please don’t do it at a buffet (brunch is another story, though). Your first meal of the day deserves to be a good one. This is Vegas, after all, you need to be properly fueled. Enter Hash House a Go Go (either at The LINQ, Plaza, Rio, or its original location on the West side) known for 1) “twisted farm food,” and 2) obscenely large portions. For example, the crispy pork tenderloin (used in a sandwich) is pounded out to the size of a Frisbee. When it arrives, eclipsing a tiny bun, it’s comical. Farm Scrambles are served not on plates, but platters, with a thick foundation of griddled mashed or crispy potatoes. The omelets have salmon, tomato, pesto, and brie; or ham, spinach, and cheddar folded in. One of the biggest hits is the fried chicken Benedict, dressed with a reduction of sweet maple syrup, and two eggs on bacon-studded mashed potatoes . . . and there’s a split biscuit somewhere underneath all of that. Lunch and dinner feature more of the same home-style fare, from meatloaf to one-pound burgers, all way bigger than most can finish. Note: Check the website for contact info and directions for other locations.