The only reason we can think of including this absolutely ridiculous restaurant on our site is so you can make an educated, conscious decision to not go here. Sure, the hospital theme, where the waitresses are dressed as naughty nurses and guests are wearing hospital gowns is “cute.” And offering vegans non-filtered cigarettes as an entree is not “PC” but it’s darn funny. But when you tout items like butterfat shakes, onion rings and french fries cooked in pure lard, plus an 8,000-calorie Quadruple Bypass burger to which you can add 20 slices of bacon, even in a town known for excess, you might as well promise yourself a seat in Circle 3 along with the other gluttons in Dante’s Inferno. Promise guests who are over 350 pounds that they can eat for free? Now that’s just tempting the same fate that befell their unofficial spokesperson who dropped dead of guess what? A heart attack. Those who don’t finish their bypass burgers get spanked by a nurse with a paddle—filmed and placed on the Internet for all to see. We know, we know, ’Merica, freedom of choice, don’t tread on me, fine. If you really want to, go, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.