Slowly but surely, Gordon Ramsay has taken over the Strip, but this time he's done it literally. His newest restaurant, Hell's Kitchen, sits as close to Las Vegas Boulevard as a restaurant can without actually being in the street, standing proud and apart from its parent hotel, Caesars Palace. For his fifth endeavor after his acclaimed steakhouse, burger joint, pub and fish and chips spots, Ramsay came back full circle to upscale dining with a restaurant in the image if his hit reality cooking competition. Fans of the show get giddy when they're greeted not only by the trademark bronze HK and pitchfork, but also by a life-size video of Ramsay hurling some of his best insults from the show. "My Nan could do better than this, and my Nan is dead!" elicited a giggle from the crowd waiting to be seated.

Inside, the open kitchen is the stage at the front of the 300-seat room, and the cooks on the line, donning red or blue bandanas, are the performers. Except the plot is not about Red vs Blue Team, but rather everyone works together for a seamless dinner service. Dishes from the show figure prominently, including lobster risotto, seared scallops and beef Wellington, all of which require a masterful amount of technical proficiency. The $72, three-course tasting menu will let you taste your way through the show’s greatest hits.

The cocktails are just as dramatic, with an early favorite being Notes from Gordon, a peachy, gin-based cocktail that comes with a little note from the man himself. Smoke on the Blvd arrives in cherry-wood smoke-filled glass cabinet, and the heady smoke escapes when you open the door.

You don’t have to be a fan of the show Hell’s Kitchen to like the restaurant Hell’s Kitchen, but hardcore fans will get way more enjoyment out of it.