Who knew pigs dressed as cows could be this cute? That’s the motif at Holstein’s, created by local artist Juan Muniz, and it’s part of the appeal of this fancy burger joint, obviously meant to draw in a younger crowd, perhaps even luring in those waiting in line for Marquee right outside. Vegas has many gourmet burger spots to choose from, but Holstein’s is my favorite; they kept it classy, yet funky and cool, which is great when you’ve got burgers like the Gold Standard, made with dry-aged beef sirloin and topped with aged goat cheddar, tomato confit, and garlic-chive aioli. The Steakhouse Burger, a black peppercorn-crusted patty with steak sauce, onion jam, wild mushrooms, and Swiss is also primo. If that sounds too fancy for your tastes, there are plainer options, like the classic with the usual toppings; or the Nom Nom, which, while built on a Kobe beef patty, is dressed with cheddar cheese, potato chips, and thousand island dressing. As far as shakes go, the grown-up Bamboozled varieties are fun (drink more than one of these and you’ll definitely feel it later).