After years of being known as one of the first fine dining titans in Las Vegas (thanks to his restaurant Picasso at Bellagio), Serrano went back to his Spanish roots when he opened this restaurant at Aria. Definitely more relaxed and casual than its haute cuisine French sister, it offers Spanish fare as it was meant to be eaten: as tapas, shared with others and over lots of sangria. While it’s definitely a Vegas version of what you’d find in Barcelona, it’s as authentic as possible, with dishes like a classic tortilla with eggs and potatoes (not the wrap), crusty tomato bread topped with thin slices of Serrano jamon (no relation to the chef), and fried chicken croquetas, crunchy on the outside, creamy with béchamel inside. There is also a selection of traditional paella, the Spanish rice dish cooked with meats and seafood until a soccarat (crunchy, charred brown crust) forms at the bottom of the pan. While the tapas are all reasonably priced on their own, you might be ordering quite a few of them to get a full meal, which can get pricey.