Once you get past the rundown strip mall in which this local’s favorite is found, the inside is surprisingly nice and has a large menu of poultry, beef, pork, vegetarian, rice, and noodle selections. They’ll spice the food to your specifications, but unless you’re a Thai expert, it might be best to play it on the safe side. Although we don’t want things bland, too much heat can overwhelm all other flavors. The mild to medium packs enough of a kick for most people. Among the items we tried during a recent visit were a vegetarian green curry and the pad kee mao (flat rice noodles stir-fried with ground chicken, mint, garlic, and hot peppers). Nam sod is ground pork with a hot-and-sour sauce, ginger, and peanuts, all of which you wrap up in lettuce leaves—sort of an Asian burrito. The Thai iced tea was particularly good—just the right amount of sweetness and tea taste for a drink that is often served overly sweet.