Emeril himself is a self-proclaimed sports guy, so he transformed this space (a former nightclub) into the best man cave ever. You can’t look anywhere without having an HDTV in your line of sight, as there are about 100 of them, broadcasting every sport imaginable. The draw here is the stadium seating, all facing a wall of giant screens, that you have to reserve for big sporting events (table minimums can be hefty, but the comfy couches and personalized service is worth it for a large group). The Super Bowl, as you can imagine, is nuts, as is March Madness. But you’ll also see grown men legitimately interested in women’s college softball—a step forward (or maybe they had bets down). Friendly rivalries all play out in the dining room, with the kitchen rolling out specials that relate to the teams at stake in big games (sometimes they’re reaching, but that’s fine). For the Patriot-Seahawks matchup during Super Bowl XLIX, for example, New England clam chowder and Fanny Bay oysters from Puget Sound were on the menu. The daily offerings are a mix of Emeril’s classic NOLA cuisine, including a shrimp po’ boy, shrimp and grits, and his fantastic etouffee; and pub fare like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches, all with that special “bam” for which Emeril is known.