Chef Michael Symon respects his meat, using humanely raised animals and smoking them all in-house as different styles of American ‘cue. Pork spareribs are dressed with Memphis-style dry rub with sauce on the side, or sauced as they do in Kansas City, using the chef’s own blend of sweetish barbecue sauce. Slabs of pork belly are cured with pastrami spices, while kielbasa can be had as a traditional sausage or flavored with spicy cheddar. Order your meats by the half-pound so that your inner carnivore doesn’t feel like you’re missing out. Salt and vinegar cracklings are a savory, crunchy way to wake up your palate before the onslaught of meat. As so many restaurants are doing now, meats are served on utilitarian metal half-sheet trays, while stiff, bottle-aged cocktails are poured tableside and meant to be shared by two thirsty patrons. Sara’s, the fine-dining speakeasy within Mabel’s, features classic continental dishes served with a touch of vintage Vegas glamour.