The Garden Court Buffet is Downtown’s prettiest and most extensive buffet—and a darn good deal at less than half what the Strip casinos are charging for meals. Reminiscent of a Victorian train station, its ceilings are grandly arched, covered with white tile and small pinpoint lights, which glow daintily at dinnertime. At lunch, sunshine pours through the lovely stained glass windows, one of the few in-casino eateries that allows sunlight to enter (blame Vegas’ large vampire clientele, I guess). It may also be the most spacious buffet in town, with tables that are shouting distance apart and comfortable chairs. The buffet itself is a massive, highly staffed affair with nine live-action stations, each attended by a friendly chef popping pizzas into a brick oven, wokking up Chinese food, or running the Southern soul food station (which sometimes has chicken fried steak with gravy). As a nod to the frequent Hawaiian visitors that come through, there are a lot of island options, like sweet Portuguese sausage for breakfast, sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves, and shredded kalua pork and cabbage.