It took a long time for a resort to woo New York golden boy David Chang to Las Vegas. So when he finally arrived, he was met with much fanfare—as well as high expectations. Like many headliners who pass through Vegas, he has whittled down his extensive Asian catalog to his greatest hits. The melding of casual and decadent works well in this town, like in his fried chicken and caviar, or pork belly ramen with a silky, slow-poached egg. While small plates are king right now, along with his bao (that only come one to an order), he also goes big with shared large format dishes such as his Korean Bo Ssäm, and the fried chicken and caviar, which is the fanciest fried chicken you will ever eat. Next door is Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar walk-up counter for the full Big Apple Chang experience, but you can also order the desserts in the restaurant. If you’ve eaten at his spots in New York you can probably take a pass (unless you’re a real fangirl/boy). The only difference is this one is easier to get into.