Skip the ultra touristy chain restaurants for a legit local spot: Nacho Daddy. The 6,000 square foot restaurant promises as fun and rowdy of a time as you'd get at those tourist traps, but this one's owned by bona fide born-and-raised Las Vegans. Nachos are my favorite food group, and Nacho Daddy goes way beyond the toppings on the standard Tex-Mex versions. Extravagant options include lobster and crab for seafood lovers, or Thai chicken, or sloppy joes, all stacked properly on mounds of multi-colored, crispy tortilla chips. Specials will often reflect not only seasonal ingredients, but local favorites, such as those paying homage to the Vegas Golden Knights during playoff season, topped with filet mignon, sauteed mushrooms, onions and bell peppers. Sports are meant to be enjoyed with nachos, so you won't miss a game thanks to 21 high-def TV screens around the room. There's a live scorpion tank near the front door where you can play "find the scorpion" hiding amongst the dirt in the terrarium. Or you can cut to the chase and order a Scorpion Shot to your table, which contains one formerly live scorpion that has been marinating in tequila. (Disclaimer: scorpions from the tank do not go into these shots.)